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Repair Order System

"Repairing Order System" is a revamp and renew system to serve User daily operation in equipment repairing. It include two business flow of repair order, quotation and invoice generation, integration with D365 and other finance system, with dashboard and Report function.

Job Matching platform

A customized online platform for client to matches their candidates to jobs based on a number of factors, making the screening process much easier.

eAppraisal System

A digitalized Appraisal System to provide securely connect to staff's needs and efficiently contributes to business success. Function include: Appraisal Template, Appraisal flow from lower level to senior level, scoring methodology implementation, Performance comparison report, dynamic edition by end user, integrate with employee portal

Hiring and Onboarding Automation

As a leading Food and Beverage giant in Hong Kong, HR department of our client has to handle a high volume of recruitment handled by shop manager. The HR management system our client use is of world-class grade but it is too complicated for the frontline employee handling it. In order to simplify the hiring and gathering document gathering process, we designs a much lightweight UI layout and integrates with HR system over the APIs. It serves as an extension of the HRMS that Shop manager can handle the hiring process over tablet or the mobile phone while they are commuting to work. The project involves RPA automation tool handling back office routine processing work. It’s aim is to reduce the overheads of workforce that can be easily handled by RPA


A custom e-commerce platform to set up an online store to showcase goods and services to customers around the world. We build E-commerce Website which allows customers to buy and sell physical goods, services, and digital products over the internet rather than at a brick-and-mortar location.

WinSafe Mobile App

A Mobile Digital Platform for the Mandatory Windows Inspection Scheme. It is a matching platform to help client to find Qualified Professional, with login, registration, quotation, chat room function, etc. Integrate with iAMSmart, and other internal platform.

SharePoint Knowledge Management Portal

Revamp the knowledge communities portal for User by using sharepoint for two working groups. Function include content search function, best practices, incident report, calendar function with a fancy modern style.

Assessment Platform

A system built for a group of psychologist to design and distribute their assessment to end user, with the capability of generating PDF report in real time. The application has embrace the cloud-native technologies like docker and Kubernetes, allowing it to scale and deploy with ease.

Smart Social Service System

Smart Social Service System is an comprehensive platform for digitise NGO's daily operation. It adopted micro-service design and cloud technologies to provide an scalable and extensible solution to automate routine work and adopt future change.

LMS for Education

LMS for education is for administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs.

eApproval System

eApproval System is an framework built on outsystem platform. It provide a centralized portal for end user to handle variety of application workflow without the hazzle of navigating between different applications. For the operating teams, it provide tools to configure the workflow and handle different scenarios like staff movement and delegation. For the IT team, it porvide a feature-rich library for develop new application with ease.

Sitefinity Website for Clinic Program

A content management system for client to manage different clinical PPP program with different customized templated, integrate with Google Analytic and Goggle Custom Search. Support different level role of content approval.

Contract Management System

Revamp current Contract Management System and allows users to enter project contracts related information to the system, including the Project info, Contracts info and corresponding Payments info. It serves as a contract/budget tracking and reports system in which users could check essential project information in terms of contracts, budgets and payments, etc.

Wordpress Website

We do wordpress website for different company.

Robotic Process Automation Project

We did many RPA Projects for different objective to serve different purpose for client. Such as RPA for finance workflow ( Company's AR/AP transaction with different payment system ); RPA for leave or claim application ( Consist of internal HR and intranet systems ); RPA for website content update; RPA for moving data to backend system, etc.